Nancy Perlman - Women Founders Network
Women Founders Network provides capital, visibility and mentorship for female founders. Our annual Fast Pitch competition awards cash and services to women entrepreneurs.
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Nancy Perlman


The first part of my LA life was spent in the television industry and the rest has been in the digital space, with the former largely informing what came after. I’ve spent the majority of my digital career producing large and small digital products, websites to virtual worlds to apps, as well as providing business and marketing strategy to a wide variety of companies.

In 2015, following a year-long fellowship in Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office, I founded the nonprofit, FourthWave, which provides mentorship for female tech entrepreneurs. The initiative was launched in partnership with Mayor Garcetti’s office and Tech Council, with the goal of modeling the program in LA and expanding to other cities. In turn, we received a grant from the Sacramento Mayor’s innovation fund and launched with our first sister city in May.

I’m also a member of the Los Angeles City Commission on the Status of Women, a member of Mayor Garcetti’s Tech Council and advisor to multiple female-led start-ups.

Q: Why did you join the board?
A: I was introduced to WFN while I was working in Mayor Garcetti’s office, and it was clear Darya and I had common goals – to empower and fund female entrepreneurs. I love the powerful forum that WFN provides for female entrepreneurs, as well as the community that supports them.

Q: What have you learned?
A: I’ve learned that there are far more women innovating new ideas and companies than we ever hear about, and that the impact an organization like WFN provides cannot be underestimated.

Q: What most excites you about WFN?
A: Working with a smart, committed group of phenomenal women and the potential for lifting female entrepreneurs to the next level in their businesses.

Q: What types of startups really excite you?
A: Those that that find a market niche and provide a smart response.

Q: A few tidbits and random facts:

  • I worked in Yosemite as a maid the summer of my freshman year in college.
  • I worked with the LA Derby Dolls for 4 years as their quasi business manager (yes, I have a skate name).
  • I was in a weekly art workshop for 10 years.