Adele Rom

Founder of ARC

Adele is the Founder and Principal Consultant of ARC – a California-based boutique firm helping companies create effective organizations, positive cultures, and high performing teams. Her background spans multiple “Best Places to Work” and Fortune 100 organizations across Media, Gaming, Entertainment, Technology, Financial Services, Manufacturing, eCommerce, and Retail.  

Her values are rooted in social equality, humanity and environmental responsibility. She serves on the advisory board for the Women’s Founders Network, and early stage Tech startups Twine labs, Strive, All Voices, and Treehoppr.

Prior to ARC, Adele held HR leadership positions within Riot Games/Tencent, JP Morgan Chase, Clique Brands, Reformation, Hasbro, TechsStyle FG, and Washington Mutual.

Adele has a Masters degree in International Business from Seattle University, Bachelor of Arts in Culture Anthropology from Western Washington University, a masters level certification in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and a certification in Somatics and Embodied leadership from the Strozzi Institute. She also holds certifications in a variety of leadership and human development. 

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