Anne Plechner - Women Founders Network
Women Founders Network provides capital, visibility and mentorship for female founders. Our annual Fast Pitch competition awards cash and services to women entrepreneurs.
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Anne Plechner, WFN Chief Operating Officer

Middle Market CFO

I have worked as a middle market CFO for the past 20 years focusing on high growth companies in the Entertainment/Media and technology space. I help companies create the infrastructure, metrics and management tools to sustain rapid growth.

Q: Why did you join the board?
A: I have been involved in various Women’s Executive organizations and was delighted to join WFN as we have the opportunity to mentor, coach and provide financial support for women entrepreneurs.

Q: What have you learned?
A: Every year we get more applicants and every year the quality of the applicants improves. More importantly, we see substantial improvement over the few months that we work with these startups. Our pitch coaches, mentors and business/financial connections truly help applicants move forward.

Q: What most excites you about WFN?
A: Women helping Women is something I truly believe in. Additionally, our Junior Judges Program is helping educate teens that they can be entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Q: What types of startups really excite you?
A: I look for leadership and innovation. I get excited when I see a dynamic, innovative founder who is approaching a market in a new way. She is solving a problem that the market will respond to and has the energy and skills to go all the way.

Q: A few tidbits and random facts:

  • I speak Danish – though not as well as I think I do.
  • I am an amateur foodie – willing to try almost anything, once
  • My parents immigrated to the U.S. and told us we could be anything we wanted to be; no limits. They were an big inspiration.