Meet the WFN 2021 Fast Pitch Finalists

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Selin Tamer

Co-Founder & CEO





System of WiFi devices that allow users to log care activities with a simple push of a button to help exhausted parents and caregivers log care events such as feeds, sleep and diaper changes.

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Annie Sloan

Co-Founder & CEO





We add the amenities of great hotels (mini-bar, gift shop, concierge) to your Airbnb. Guests can now buy anything in a short-term rental from the snacks in the fridge to the art on the walls – and order on-demand services like grocery delivery, rental car drop off and curated local gifts.

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Jenn Epstein






We are building Scout, a portable, smart, street-safety device that uses AI/ML to detect cars, assess risk, and alert children AND drivers of each other’s presence. We are making the “Slow, Children-At-Play sign” a lot smarter and more effective.

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Mridula Saini

Founder & CEO

 converts real-world visual information into electronic form for the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry. The world's first and only system to produce house advantage in real-time. The all-in-one fully automated AI system identifies chips, cards, banknotes, and players simultaneously for gaming operations to increase earnings and reduce losses. logo

Chasity Wright

Founder & CTO





Developed transformational cybersecurity technology by using the most advanced techniques in blockchain, cybersecurity and quantum, designed to ensure that development, device, user, and data security becomes foundational and end-to-end IoT security becomes standard practice.


Kaitlin Mogentale

Founder & CEO





​From scraps to snacks, Pulp Pantry fights food waste with an innovative line of upcycled foods. Pulp Pantry leverages a unique sourcing model to turn surplus, rejected and byproduct produce into delicious foods that make eating fruits, vegetables and fiber more accessible.

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Fast Pitch Alumni