Janine Davis - Women Founders Network
Women Founders Network provides capital, visibility and mentorship for female founders. Our annual Fast Pitch competition awards cash and services to women entrepreneurs.
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Janine Davis

Evolution, Partner


Janine is a Partner with Evolution, which provides top shelf culture and leadership coaching for startups and high growth companies, with clients including Slack, Change.Org, Scopely, Deep Current, HUM Nutrition and many others. She is a Hudson-certified Executive Coach, a certified EQ Mentor and ICF-ACC certified. Her coaching practice includes both individual leadership coaching, as well as team/culture coaching, primarily for startups between Seed and Series C.

In her former career incarnations, she was a startup founder of a tech & product recruiting agency, Fetch Recruiting, and she used to be a tech exec, quickly scaling and leading a team of over 50 technologists at DirecTV before she went to The Dark Side of recruiting. She’s heavily involved in LA’s startup ecosystem and is a mentor for TechstarsLA and SAM’s Precellerator. In addition to being on the Board of Directors for Women Founders Network, she’s on the Board of Target Zero, as well as going to prison as often as possible with DEFY Ventures.

Q: Why did you join the board?
A: There are two key reasons that I got involved with Women Founders Network and eventually joined the board. First, as I progressed in my career up to the C-level, the only people that held me back were other women. What the heck is that about!? I’m intent on doing the opposite. Secondly, all my volunteer effort surround the theme of “leveling the playing field’, and WFN clearly fits right into that sweet spot.

Q: What have you learned?
A: I’ve learned that small efforts combine into big results. WFN runs primarily on a killer Board (all volunteers) and donated services. The small efforts of many has yielded great impact, and made WFN at the forefront of putting capital into the hands of female founders.

Q: What most excites you about WFN?
A: WFN is playing a tangible role in creating financial and investment equity for women. In addition, our Junior Judges program is grooming the next generation of female investors and entrepreneurs, so the impact will be exponential.

Q: What types of startups really excite you?
A: I’m a bleeding heart, and a big fan of social enterprises. I love companies that are focused on things beyond the bottom line.

Q: A few tidbits and random facts:

  • Pretty sure I’m the only native Angeleno that is a hockey fan (GKG!)
  • I saw Jimi Hendrix play at The Bowl when I was 3 (he broke his guitar on stage, and then I fell asleep)
  • I’m a crazy dog lady, and heavily involved in animal welfare