You Make the Difference

Our goal is to dramatically increase the number of venture-funded women-led companies. By joining us, you can truly make a difference for women founders.
As a volunteer organization generous support of our sponsors and partners makes everything we do possible.


Here are the ways you can join the network and support women:


Through your business or organization, you'll direct fund these women and their business. Your contribution will be highlighted and shared throughout our network.

Do you have expertise in an area to contribute to their success? We'd love to have you apart of the network!


From hosting to catering, we'd like to partner with you to make these events special.


Our organization is entirely volunteer run. We'd love to have you help at one of our events, or with ongoing marketing efforts.


Become a Supporting Member by making a small contribution and get exclusive perks.

Connect with Us

We're cheerleading and coaching throughout the year through our events. Get on our list to learn more. 


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